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When it comes to modes of travel, you really can’t beat flying. Unlike road, sea and rail travel before it, it was air travel that really set off the modern travel industry, allowing people to cover great distances in a relatively short period of time like never before. Seeing the world may have been possible before but it was only through the commercial airliner that travel was opened up to the wide audience that it is today.


Thanks to advances in technology and highly concentrated population bases, air travel has become quite affordable in recent years. It isn’t unusual to find deals for cheap flights to week-long all-inclusive resorts for well under $1000 or international flights for well under $100 where they previously didn’t exist. It used to be that flying in a plane was the rich person’s mode of travel – not anymore, if you know where to look.


Still aren’t convinced air travel is the way to go? Check out these reasons below!


Even faster if the Concorde was still flying!
Even faster if the Concorde was still flying!

Time is of the Essence

If you have a tight schedule or just don’t want to spend all your time on the journey to your destination, flying really is your only option. A trip from Italy to England can take most of a day by train but it can be a fraction of that by plane. Thanks to many commuter air companies, many major and minor cities throughout the world are linked through networks that allow people to move quickly and easily between them for business and for pleasure. In today’s fast paced life where leisure time is at a premium, wouldn’t you rather spend it at your destination rather than waiting to get there?


Larger Reach

You can get virtually anywhere on Earth by plane – the same cannot be said for boats, trains or roads. Some locations are landlocked or waterlocked, making travel solely by sea or rail next to impossible, and the same is true of roads. Travelling from Melbourne to Hobart by plane takes a few hours rather than most of a day and costs virtually the same, making flying the obvious winner to ensure you get to climb Mount Wellington and wander the Botanical Gardens. How many of us would dare to visit Australia from almost any point in the world unless it were by plane?


Plan Ahead and Save Big

There are some great last-minute deals to be had if you know where to look and luck out, but for the most part it really pays to plan ahead when you travel by any means – but especially by air. Some discount airlines in Europe will have their ticket prices reduced by half if you print your boarding pass out ahead of time and only take carry-on luggage. This means having a definite plan and looking into all the details before hand can save you big money that you can use towards splurging on a night out at a fancy restaurant or taking a side trip that you otherwise couldn’t afford.


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