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The Wonderful Ambiance of Koh Tondsay Island

Cambodia is located in South East Asia. Here you can find low lying planes. There are more geographical variations like Mekong Delta, mountains and Gulf of Thailand coastline. If you planning for Cambodia travel this time, then you should make sure to visit Phnom Penh.

Cambodia travel

This is the capital city of Cambodia and consists of the art deco Central Market. You can even enjoy the sight of the Grand Royal Palace in Cambodia. There are more things you can plan to see as part of Cambodia travel. It is fun to watch the historical displays at the National Museum of Cambodia.

  • Details of Angkor Vat

Angkor Vat is a special place to visit in Cambodia. This temple type complex needs no introduction. This is a must see place for those traveling to Cambodia. The place forms an essential part of Cambodia travel. This is the largest Indian monument found in the entire world.

This is a Hindu Temple where God Vishnu is worshipped. In the 14th century, it got converted into a Buddhist Temple. It is essential to visit the temple as part of Cambodia travel. It would be great to admire the Apsaras craved on the walls of the Temple. The design and construction of the Temple are really impressive.

  • Impressive View of Koh Ker

Koh Ker is another special place in Cambodia. This is the most renowned archaeological site belonging to the list of Cambodia Travel. This site was not given importance for several years. You are sure to admire the wildlife at the place. You can be a part of a day trip to reach Koh Ker.

Cambodia travel


In the area, there are more than 42 structures. Prasat Thom is the highlight of the place. It is interesting to be part of the conducted Cambodia Travel and feel the real essence of the tour.

  • Koh Rong Island in Cambodia

Koh Rong is the name given to the beautiful island in Cambodia. The island is located in the Gulf area of Thailand. You can see white sands and turquoise green water. For the reason, this is known to be the paradise of tropical Thailand. Being a part of Cambodia Travel it is vital to have a tour of the island.

Cambodia travel

At evening time, it is great to have a glimpse of the bio-luminescent plankton. This creates an interesting illumination covering the darkness with great skill. As part of Cambodia Travel, you can visit the island and feel the specialty of the destination.

  • Koh Tondsay Island of Cambodia

There is one more island as part of Cambodia Travel. This is Koh Tonsay Island of Cambodia. It seems as if the place is far away from the main civilization. At the island, you can find the array of rustic bungalows. You can even sit at one of the open-air restaurants to taste from the local cuisines.

Cambodia travel

You can spend time on the island by lounging in hammocks, strolling and swimming along the sea line beaches. The name of the island comes from the unique shape of the same. When you plan for Cambodia Travel, you should always have a tour of the Koh Tondsay Island.

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